Online consultation

Would you like to prepare an interior design project but due to the current situation you do not want to visit us personally? Do you need a designer to help you?

We have a solution for that!

Arrange an online consultation with our designers. We offer several forms of consultation, and we will carry it out at a convenient time and place for you:

rozmowa Schedule a phone call to discuss the most important issues of the project.

rozmowa Arrange a video conference during which we can work together on your project and selection of materials.

rozmowa Visit our showroom virtually using a video transmission. Our consultant will guide you through the Dober House showroom, while providing consultation and helping you choose the right materials.

Online consultation

Dober House
  • Dober House | Piotr Doberschuetz
    salon paneli, drzwi, łazienek i tarasów
  • 66-400 Gorzów Wielkopolski, ul. Składowa 11
  • tel.: 95 7282 113


  • Kamila Szczambura
    tel. +48 539 541 251
  • Agnieszka Ratajczak
    tel. +48 539 541 253

Drzwi / Podłogi / Tarasy

  • Sylwia Jeziorowska
    tel. +48 662 239 157
  • Beata Bednarek
    tel. +48 662 239 157
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